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Lens Service and Repair 

Broadcast equipment repair

We repair camcorder lenses from major manufacurers such as: Canon, Fujinon Nikon, Zeiss. Impact damage, saltwater, dust, we can remove and replace, repair and give back to to you just in time for your next shoot.    

Common Lens issues

Sony  HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1 Error code 61:10 back focus dust or mold inside the lens
Sony  HVR-V1U  HDR-FX7 Back focus, out of focus,  zoom  issues dust inside lens
Sony  HVR-Z7U Dust inside the lens, out of focus
Sony  HVR-Z5U Out of fucus  dust inside the lens
Panasonic AG-DVX100 Zoom in and out issues,  out of focus
Panasonic AG-HVX200 Lens out of focus

Fungus or Mold Issues

Following camcorder Lenses are vulnerable for fungus issues Sony HVRZ1U, HDR-FX1 Solutionif the fungus contamination is not too advanced, it can be cleaned out from the body as well as the optics. Our Technicians have successfully removed fungus without damaging the lens, even though there are is no 100% guarantees. The lens sometimes must be stripped of optical element must be removed and cleaned on both sides. The inside of the barrels and lens mounts must be cleaned or irritated. Fungus in the camera body can be treated just as any other clean and lube job. The lubrication must be through as the moisture, hot weather, and fungus tend to break down the lubricant. Any rusty spots can be treated as described above.

CANON Broadcast Equipment Lenses

HJ11x4.7B-III RepairKH20x6.4 Repair
HJ14ex4.3B RepairKH21ex5.7 Repair
HJ15ex8.5B RepairKJ10ex4.5B Repair
HJ17ex7.6B RepairKJ13x6B Repair
HJ18ex28B RepairKJ17ex7.7B Repair
HJ21ex7.5B RepairKJ20x8.5B Repair
HJ21x7.5B-III RepairKJ22ex7.6B Repair
HJ22ex7.6B RepairKT14x4.4B Repair
HJ40x10B RepairKT17ex4.3B Repair
HJ40x14B RepairKT20x5B Repair
HJ8x5.5B RepairYH12x4.8 Repair
J11ex4.5B RepairYH16x7 Repair
J35ex11B RepairYH19x6.7 Repair
J35ex15B RepairYJ13x6B Repair
KH10ex3.6 RepairYJ19x9B Repair
KH13x4.5 RepairYJ20x8.5B Repair
KH16ex5.7 RepairFJs Prime Lenses Repair

Fujinon Broadcast Equipment Lenses

HA13X4.5BRD/PF Repair XA76x9.3BESM Repair
HA14x4.5BERM Repair XA88X12.5BESM Repair
HA16X6.3BERM Repair XA88x8.8BESM Repair
HA18x7.6BERM Repair XA88x8.8BESM/PF Repair
HA22x7.2BESM Repair XS13X3.3BRM Repair
HA22X7.3BERM Repair XS17X5.5BRM Repair
HA22X7.3BRD/PF Repair XS8x4AS-XB8 Repair
HA23X7.6BERM Repair XT17sx4.5 BRM Repair
HA25X11.5BERD Repair XT20sx4.7 BRM Repair
HA25X16.5BERD Repair ZA12X4.5BERM Repair
HA27x6.5 BESM/PF Repair ZA12X4.5BRM Repair
HA27x6.5BESM Repair ZA17X7.6BERM Repair
HA42x13.5BERD Repair ZA17X7.6BRM Repair
HA42x9.7BERD Repair ZA22X7.6B RM Repair
HAF4.8DA-1 Repair ZA22X7.6BERM Repair
HAF4.8DA-DS1 Repair A13x4.5BDERM Repair
HAs18X7.6BRM Repair A13x4.5BERM Repair
HS16X4.6BERM Repair A13X6.3BERM Repair
HS18X5.5BERM Repair A13X6.3BRM Repair
HSs18X5.5BRM Repair A17x9BRM Repair
HTs18x4.2BERM Repair A18x7.6BDERM Repair
HTs18X4.2BRM Repair A18x7.6BERM Repair
Th13x3.5BRMU Repair A20x8.6BERM Repair
XA101x8.9BESM Repair A20x8.6BRM Repair
XA101x8.9BESM/PF Repair A22x7.8BDERM Repair
XA16sx8 BRAM Repair A23X7.6BERM Repair
XA17X7.6BERM Repair A42x13.5BERD Repair
XA17X7.6BRM Repair A42x9.7BERD Repair
XA20sx8.5 BRM Repair S13X4.6BERM Repair
XA22X7BES Repair S13X4.6BRM Repair
XA4x7.5DA-1 Repair S17x6.6 BMD Repair
XA50X9.5BE SM Repair S17x6.6 BRM Repair
XA66X9.3BESM Repair S20x6.4BERM Repair
XA72x9.3BESM Repair S20x6.4BRM Repair